WHO IS Kalina?  

"The main aim of Kalina Handmade Accessories is to make jewelry with a soul, using only the best possible materials."

Kalina Handmade Accessories - is a family atelier, where we make handmade jewelry with a soul, using only the best possible materials.

It was started in 2014, when Olena Goltsova, the main designer, has started to explore the market of traditional Bohemian glass in Czech Republic. She found a lot of small traditional manufactories in Jablonec nad Nisou and Železný Brod, where the materials of the best quality are made. Such beautiful and natural materials have inspired her to start working on her own collection of handmade jewelry, which was a start of our family atelier. The main Olena's aim is to make unique works with their own character. Every piece of jewelry is always made in only one copy, so it can emphasize individuality of its owner.

Kalina is the brand for those, who value quality and uniqueness. Every our customer is our friend. We want to make him fully satisfied with every purchase. Do not hesitate and explore our collections, so you can find the perfect piece of jewelry, which will be a perfect addition to your image!

Olena Goltsova, designer